Postronix Integra

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Postronix Integra

Laci Uang Cash Drawer Postronix Integra

Postronix Integra is made from heavy gauge steel, suitable for heavy duty use and prolonged operational life, the ideal choice for reliability and perfect platform for any POS terminal. Adjustable and removable 5-bill and 8-coin bill with metal weights, making it worldwide compatible.

Thick guage cold rolled steel
Textured hybrid powder coat
Adjustable and removable insert with 5 bills and 8 coins
One meida slot with storage
Heavy duty metal bill weights
12V / 24V volt solenoid and Interface cable RJ11 compatible with Epson, Star, Citizen and other receipt printers
Solenoid with minimum 3 million cycles
3-position lock: locked, manual open and elictrically one line

Color: black, beige and custom type
Drawer status micro-switch
Stainless steel drawer front
Till, lockable lid for till and under counter mounting bracket

Till size: 392(W)x317(D)x65(H) mm
Demension: 460(W)x460(D)x110(H) mm
Net weight: 9.5kg

*Specifications are subjected to change without notice

Laci Uang / Cash Drawer Postronix Integra

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